2012 Readers’ Poll – The "Winners"


If you missed it, the winners of Best album, band, solo artist, single/EP, new band, blog & podcast/radio show are here.

This set of results is for the lucky ones who “won” the new categories added this year. I did consider not posting these to be nice, then remembered that I’m not nice.

This post is sponsored by burning bridges and pissing on chips. I didn’t pick the winners though, so don’t take it out on me.

Worst Album/Single/EP:
Despite not being released last year, the award goes to Bwani Junction – Fully Cocked.
In second place, it’s Mumford & Sons with Babel! They can sob themselves to sleep in their nice bed made of money.

The Sergeant Award forĀ Worst Band/Solo Artist:
We have a tie! The award is shared by Bwani Junction, and Fatherson.

The Peenko Podcast Award for Worst Music Blog/Website/Podcast/Radio Show:
Glasgow Podcart. Second place, The Pop Cop.

That’s my arse booted then. Remember, I just count things, I didn’t do the voting.



  1. The Pop Cop says:

    Fourth best AND second worst. Awesome!

    1. Jim Connick says:

      Something to tell the grandchildren about.

  2. peenko says:

    ‘The Peenko Podcast Award’ – this gave me a good chuckle