30 Days Till I’m 30


Eep. Where’d my youth go?

Anyways, for the next 30 days – almost certainly not on a daily basis, at least not till I’ve gotten round to finishing the A-Z – I’ll randomly be dabbling in self indulgent nonsense, with songs that I like attached. No theme, no convoluted rules or regulations, just some things I’ve liked in the last 30 years. There’s going to be a bunch of non Scots in there too.

First off is Come Out 2nite by the ever wonderful Kenickie.
Pretty much two minutes of sheer pop perfection, which also happens to boast some of the best handclaps ever committed to vinyl.

Come Out 2nite

Also works well slowed down and stripped down.

Peel Session version.


  1. b says:

    happy almost-birthday! you’re still young and spry, and have your health. . . i assume :)

    i really love the kenickie song- i remember you had it on one of your mixes. and yay songs that you like and self indulgent nonsense! grabbing the peel session version now.

    as for gambit: and then i thought, maybe it’s a girl thing. maybe only girls like him. girls and people from louisiana.

  2. JC says:

    Thanks for the Peel version…I hadnt heard this before.

    I turn 46 the same day you turn 30. The day you were born, I spent the day playing Golf at Gleneagles as a special traet from my old man.

    The day you turned 14 and I turned 30, I got hammered with workmates at ‘The Filling Station’ on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.