33.10 – What Do You Do When the Music Stops?

Genesis 33:10, clever eh?

I was going to save this song till the end, since that’s usually where it goes when I’m DJing, but I think I’ll throw it out there now instead, I’ve already got enough enough stuff I’m saving for later.

I just wanna freak out

Yes. Yes I can.

The Pipettes – Pull Shapes

I don’t fully trust anyone who doesn’t dance to Pull Shapes. It even has handclaps and everything! I love songs with handclaps.

The image there comes from Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie’s comic Phonogram by the way. More accurately, Phonogram – Singles Club issue #1. Both series of Phonogram published so far are pretty much brilliant, if you like comics & music you should own them.
Buy volume one from Amazon here, and go here for volume 2. Also, you can download Singles Club #1 for free from ComiXology at the moment here. I may well mention it again when I give in to the urge to shove up loads of Britpop.

Clap your hands if you want some more.