33.11 – Obvious Post Theme Is Obvious


Alternate title: Where’s the Beef?

Jeepers, one third of the way through already, so if playing this post on your turntable remember to set it to 33⅓ instead of 45rpm.

Anyway, yes, day eleven means I couldn’t resist the obvious option of turning the volume up a bit.
Here are a selection of some mighty fine bands making lovely loud noises. Also, see, I do like music made post 1998.

A Fight You Can’t WinShout First/Loud Words
Black InternationalDestruct_o_
Bronto SkyliftGameboy
CarnivoresFive Go Mad On Mescaline
CrusadesPseudo Andro
Fat GothWillie Wonka and the Charlie Factory
Fat JanitorTwo Nights in Hell
Holy MountainGunner (EP version, so Chemikal don’t shout at me)
Hunt / GatherCementalist
No IslandFallow Years
PAWSWinners Don’t Bleed (Song, by Toad Session)
What the Blood RevealedTo Travel Deadly Ground

A quick diversion south for my Welsh buddies:
Exit_InternationalGlory Horn

And finally, gone but not forgotten:
You Already KnowLet’s Fuck


  1. V says:

    I love this playlist!