33.12 – Tripping


Back to the hip-hop today. Fans of white Scottish men talking about hip hop rejoice!

Stumbling across DJ Z-Trip was a happy accident. I was living in Watford back in 2001/2002, and took the opportunity to hop into London with my pal to see DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist. Neither of us expected to leave much more impressed by one of their warm up DJs, but Z-Trip was pretty much awesome, and leave raving about him we did.

I’ve never really been into mash ups all that much, but there’s something about the way Z-Trip pulls them off that means when he’s at it, it works for me. Check out some of his mix tapes for evidence, Live in LA and Uneasy Listening in particular. Those, and tons more stuff, are available to download free at Z-Trip’s website.

His own original work is none too sloppy either, although so far he just has the one album to his name, Shifting Gears. It’s that album that we’ll take a couple of songs from for this post.
One song that is just ridiculously fun, and another more straight, with a bit of added gravitas from it’s guest rapper.

Z-Trip featuring MURS and Supernatural – Breakfast Club
Z-Trip featuring Chuck D – Shock & Awe

Then, back to the fun, with a more mash-up style track from an EP.
Z-Trip & MURS – Kiss (Remix)