33.13 – I’m The Epitome Of Public Enemy


This post is absolutely not brought to you in conjunction with The Illuminati. Honest. Promise. It just gets difficult to find new images for these posts. The only New World Order I know anything about is the wrestling one.

Hey, wrestling, that’s as good a segue into today’s song as any. The song references ECW’s Grunge and New Jack, giving me a slightly less jarring transition that the plain old “look, a song!” preamble I’d originally planned to go here.

Weezer eh? Naming albums after Lost characters, having THREE self titled albums and screwing with my digital music library by doing so, playing cruises,¬†generally going a bit weird and off the rails. Cast your mind back to before that though, to 1996 and the release of Pinkerton, their second album. Critically and commercially a failure initially, Pinkerton ended up being a rare beast, something that a fair few critics ended up slating, then changing their minds about. They were right to change their minds, it’s a great album, and today’s song is a cracker.

Weezer – El Scorcho
Weezer – El Scorcho (Live & Acoustic)