33.15 – To Resurrect Ourselves, We Smash Up Both Our Knees

“If you type 33 in Wingdings it looks like the Twin Towers, OMG CONSPIRACY!”

1997 again, seriously?

Yes, seriously. Piss off.

I actually completely missed Far first time round, it wasn’t until You Already Know covered Bury White on am EP for Record Store Day a few years ago that I heard the song. Heard it, liked it, went and bought some Far records, liked them too. Then Far released At Night We Live, their first album in 12 years, I looked forward to it quite a bit, then it wasn’t really all that great. Aww.

Oh, the post title! You’ll notice that those aren’t the actual lyrics to the song. However, every single time I listen to either version of Bury White, and I mean every single time, my body does an involuntary jerk type of thing, that looks a bit like I’m either trying to headbang, or I need urgent medical attention. Most of times that this happens I’m sitting on a bus or at a desk, and it results in me smashing my knees off the thing in front of me, really hard.

It happened twice while writing this post. I’m in a fair bit of pain now. Enjoy the songs while I limp and whimper a bit.

Far – Bury White
You Already Know – Bury White


  1. Dave Hughes says:

    You know JOnah from Far is playing in Glasgow on Tuesday night? ABC with Dave McPherson (of INME) and myself.