33.16 – "Is That the New Green Day?"

Yeah, well YOU try and find 33 different images for a series of posts without getting lazy.
I like John Cusack.

Older siblings can be very handy. Considering I have five of them that’s just as well.
Amongst their uses is they buy records and stuff when you are wee, so you get exposed to a lot more stuff than some poor, sad only child, who is stuck with the radio and their parents record collection. (Though if you have cool parents then you might also get lucky with hearing good records)

So it was with many things in my house, but the band that came out the hat to receive the dubious honour of a 33 post is Stuff Little Fingers. Note: the hat is a metaphor.

As well as growing up hearing SLF in later years it would be one of the few times I’d properly go on the piss with my brothers. All four of us making an annual trip to the Barrowlands on St. Patrick’s Day for the regularly scheduled Stiff Little Fingers gig. We don’t do that any more for various reasons, and it has been a few years now since I’ve gone to the March 17th gig, but they always hold happy memories.

With that in mind, rather than go for regular versions of the songs, I’m opting for a few taken from a recording of 2006’s Barras gig, the 15th one in a row.

Hey, it’s only another 2 years till Inflammable Material turns 35, maybe I’ll go back then.

Stiff Little Fingers – Tin Soldiers
Stiff Little Fingers – Barbed Wire Love
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
Stiff Little Fingers – Johnny Was
Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster

Also, just for fun, and because I used to listen to it lots on my brother’s copy of All the Best…
Stiff Little Fingers – Running Bear (Live)