33.17 – Lots of Swearing

Rabbit is disappointed with your bad language.

For the love of God, don’t listen to today’s songs anywhere that swearing is frowned upon.

Unlike in real life and elsewhere on the internet, I hardly ever swear on the blog. This post will probably be notable for containing more uses of the word “fuck” than pretty much all the other blog posts added together. There’s no real reason for me minding my language here. I’m not on some kind of deluded quest to keep the blog family friendly, few enough people read it without me worrying about offending sensitive eyes. I can’t swear in text as well as Matthew from Song, by Toad can, it just looks a bit weird when I try it.

Enough about me and my word use though, we’re here to say fuck a lot today, and blaming Super Furry Animals for it. I’ve rather drifted away from SFA over the years, but their first few albums are really, really good. The Man Don’t Give a Fuck never made it on to any of their albums though (we’re not counting compilations here, before anyone starts). Legal wrangles delayed the song’s release, until eventually Steely Dan signed off on a sample, and The Man Don’t Give a Fuck was released as a single, and deleted after a week. There’s somewhere in the region of 50 uses of fuck in the song. It was released at a time when the Radio 1 Top 40 show would play every record i that week’s chart, I remember hearing The Man Don’t Give a Fuck at around half four that Sunday afternoon. The poor bleep machine certainly got a workout that day.

Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give a Fuck

*looks around* Right, I don’t think anyone is watching, so here’s the live version. The Man Don’t Give a Fuck became a traditional set closer for the Furries when they played live, with the song growing from five minutes to anything from ten to twenty five minutes long, sometimes turning into extended improvised jams, other times breaking down into an onslaught of white noise. Clear 20 or so minutes in your schedule to listen.
Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give a Fuck (Live)

The live version makes hefty use of a Bill Hicks sample. I once read somewhere that God! Show Me Magic is about Bill Hicks, sort of. It’s also an ace song, so you can have that too.

Super Furry Animals – God! Show Me Magic