33.19 – What’s My Name?


My name is Jim. Well, James, but I only ever get called that in something official, or when I’m in trouble. Never call me Jimmy.

There, now that we’ve answered that burning question, let’s get to the songs. They all have my name in the title. And I warned you there’d be Menswe@r at some point.

Beastie Boys – Jimmy James
Mackenzies – Big Jim (There’s No Pubs In Heaven)
Cuddly Shark – Cuddly Jim
Gay Dad – Oh Jim
Jungle Brothers – Jimbrowski
Menswear – Gentleman Jim
Jim’s Super Stereoworld – Dear Jim
Rilo Kiley – A Man/Me/Then Jim
L. Pierre – Jim Dodges Dines at the Penguin CafĂ©
Symposium – Jim