33.20 – Fire!

I don’t see how six erect firemen help in case of emergency.

Less than two weeks of this rambling nonsense to go, you’ll be pleased to here.

One of the plans was to use these posts to stick stuff on the blog that would normally be ludicrously out of place, hand waving it away by going “it’s my birthday soon, sod off” and I think that I’ve achieved that goal pretty well. Very few of the songs have been new, and only a couple of the days have covered Scottish bands, but no one has complained yet.

Today’s post carries on that trend of being completely irrelevant to anything to do with being a new music blog, a Scottish music blog, or anywhere in between the two.

Three of this band went on to form The Walkmen. I like The Walkmen, but I’ll always prefer Jonathan Fire*Eater. The first album, Wolf Songs For Lambs and the Tremble Under Boom Lights mini album are both still cracking slices of music. The self titled second album wasn’t quite as good, then they punted out the singer and turned into The Walkmen. It’s those first two releases today’s songs come from.

Jonathan Fire*Eater – The Search For Cherry Red
Jonathan Fire*Eater – Give Me Daughters
Jonathan Fire*Eater – When the Curtain Calls For You

Hey, The Walkmen released a new album recently. Can we call that a tenuous link between this post and new music?
Oh, and guess what year these songs come from? Yeah, again.


  1. Gilbert says:

    For music from the olden days this is a very cool choice.