33.26 – We Dance For Thrills

No, not Skrillex. Never Skrillex.

We’re into the last week of this drivel. Praise the Lord. That does mean that I’m not allowed to put of stuff that’ll require a bit of effort from me now though, since I’m running out of later to save things for. Hence, this week might have a lot more words than you expect from me, or might end up just being rubbish. Not that the two things are mutually exclusive, of course.

Kenickie were three girls and a boy. While they weren’t always the strongest performers they had bags of charm and charisma, along with some killer tunes. They come from the mid 90s, obviously.

Lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Lauren Laverne has long since stopped the singing, but can now be found on the telly regularly, and pushing new music as a 6 Music DJ. She’s lovely, and I like to pretend 10 O’Clock Live doesn’t exist.

With just two albums to their name this won’t take too long to get through, so on with the music.

The Skillex EP was the first thing I heard from Kenickie, with Come Out Tonight grabbing me by the collar and slapping me around the face. We’ll get back to that particular song in a minute though, first of all here’s another track from the EP, showing off the band’s sensitive side.
Kenickie – Acetone

Debut album At the Club wasn’t perfect. There’s a few misfires on there, but when it hits, it hits.
Obvious song choices are obvious here, but Punka remains a hoot, and Come Out 2Nite is a two minutes ball of fun and energy, which also contains some mighty fine handclap action.
Kenickie – Punka
Kenickie – Come Out 2Nite

Second album Get In pretty much dumped the guitars and shouting, adopting a mixture of Sixties girl band sounding pop and more electronic elements. Get In isn’t without it’s charms, but it’s nearly as fun as At The Club was.
Kenickie – Stay in the Sun

And that was pretty much that. Kenickie chucked it in late 1998.
Lauren would pop up in 2000 singing on a Mint Royale song. This doesn’t really fit our narrative, but it’s a sweet wee song, so I’ll throw it in anyway. Allegedly there’s a bit of backstory to the lyrics too
Mint Royale – Don’t Falter

Rounding things off, here’s one from one of the John Peel sessions the band did.
Kenickie – Can I Take You To the Cinema?