33.28 – Going Solo


Near the start of this self indulgent ramblefest that has been 33 I wrote about the Aye Tunes Vs Pennko gigs. Returning to that self indulgent theme, today I’m going to write a wee bit about the gigs I’ve put on by myself, which have imaginatively been titled Aye Tunes Presents. I’d have shortened that to ATP, but I’m pretty sure there’d be objections to that.

#1 – 21st January 2011, Stereo
Goodness, that feels so long again. I suppose it is quite a while ago, nearly a year and a half in fact. I’m good at sums, me. For my first solo attempt I decided to pick some of my favourite animal named bands to play. Packets of Animal biscuits were given away on the door to anyone who wanted them, along with some home made compilation CDs I put together. Take up on the biscuits was surprisingly low, and I ended up eating many bags of them over the following weeks. We even raised a few quid for charity with an impromptu door collection.
BoygirlanimalcolourBatman Forever
Trapped MiceWaving and Pointing
Trapped Mice have some gigs coming up, and a really good debut album in the can, awaiting release. Kochka made one of my favourite albums of last year, and continue to scare me a bit with their new video.

#2 – The Aye Tunes Birthday Bash, 17th June 2011, The Flying Duck
A great idea in my head, a terrible idea in practice, particularly as the gig ended up being put together at quite short notice. Don’t put on a gig for your birthday kids, it’s stressful and expensive, at least it is if you are me. The bands were loads of fun though, and some people bought me beer, so it wasn’t all bad.
The Big NowhereI’m In Love With a Girl
Verse MetricsModern Sleep
Black InternationalDestruct_o_
The hangover I had from this was hilarious, but I learned not to do any more birthday gigs. I didn’t learn not to do short notice gigs though, as we’ll see soon.

#3 – The Springwell EP Launch, 1st July 2011, Stereo
I’d sounded out The Last Battle a bit before this about doing a gig, but couldn’t quite get anything worked out. When it came time to launch their latest EP I jumped at the chance to have them on, and managed to lure Loch Awe with them, giving them their first gig in Glasgow and me my first chance to see them. The always entertaining Second Hand Marching Band rounded out the line up, making sure that at least there were plenty of people there by virtue of their vast number of band members alone.
Loch AweI Will Drift Into 10,000 Streams (Demo)
Second Hand Marching BandLove Is a Fragile Thing (Sleazy Version)
The Last BattleViv Nicholson (Acoustic)
Loch Awe have a few gigs coming up. They play Stereo in Glasgow this Saturday as part of the Chem19 showcase night, then next Saturday they play with The Bad Books, The Spook School and The New Fabian Society at Edinburgh’s Wee Red Bar for some blogger’s gig. Can’t recall who, I’m a bit Indifferent.
The Second Hand Marching Band claim they’ll be releasing three new albums towards the end of the year, a sad one, a pop one, and an Icelandic one.
The Last Battle released a new single just this week. Hope Is Gold is available from Bandcamp, and there’s a launch gig on June 22nd at Pilrig St Pauls Church in Leith.

#4 – 28th September 2011, The Captains Rest
Arrange and promote a gig in roughly two weeks? Only a fool would agree to such a thing. This fool. So it was that the following line-up was rather hastily assembled, with no real concession for genre and styles. Given how quickly I put it together and with the bare minimum of promotion I was able to give it in that time, I’m happier with the way this turned out now than I was when I looked in my wallet at the end of the night. First Glasgow gig for The Spook School too. I’ve got a habit of putting on Edinburgh bands I want to see in Glasgow rather than, probably more sensibly, just going to Edinburgh to see them.
Kevin P. GildayDear Green Place
Shambles MillerRapture
The Spook SchoolHistory
The Sea KingsThe Nitrate In My Blood
Shambles Miller has a new single, Confessions, out soon. I’ll try and get back to that in time, but in case I forget to mention it later, there’s a launch gig for the single at Vespbar in Glasgow on July 6th.
The Spook School play this Sunday at The Captains as part of the first Scottish Fiction gig, and in Edinburgh next at the Tidal Wave of Indifference gig mentioned above.
The Sea Kings play King Tuts in July as part of Summer Nights.

#5 – 3rd May 2011, Stairway
I had no real intention of putting on another gig any time soon until Exit_International got in touch with me. The chance to put on a band I really like, and to do something a bit different by putting on a band from outside the central Scotland bubble was too tempting to resist. What followed were many headaches, a catalogue of errors, from venue problems to a collosal screw up with posters, which all added up to making this a bit of a stressful affair, and the end product wasn’t as good as it should have been. I’m still a bit disappointed about the way this one came out and wish it could have been better, but it’s a bit late to dwell on that now. The bands were ace though.
SupermarionationChoosing My Religion
WrongnoteHeart of a Rat
Exit_InternationalGlory Horn
The Supermarionation song above is hot off the press, having just been released for free download at lunchtime today. Refreshingly Supermarionation released it without seven announcements of announcements of announcements in the run up, just slapped it on Bandcamp and told us it was there. Download the single & b-side for free here.
Exit_International will be spending my birthday in Japan, on a mini tour with Ginger Wildheart. No, no, of course I’m not jealous.

I had rather hoped to close this post with details of the next Aye Tunes gig, because I never learn my lesson and manage to stop putting them on, but the details aren’t quite sorted yet, so I’ll need to tell you later. It’s a wee bit of a fight getting it organised at the moment, but it’s a fight I’ll win soon.