33.3 – Broken Kneecap, Velvet Spine


Oh hello almost missed deadline! I never expected to see you so soon. You’re going to be visiting a lot in the next month, aren’t you? Yes you are, you little scamp.

So yeah, football, a bust hard drive, and other things have all contrived to distract me today, meaning that very little thought has been put into this post, I’ve fired up blogger just after 11, and picked the very first song that came into my head.

I’m tempted to hide the name so that you don’t know what it is until you hit play, but that’s too much work, I’d need to go and change the file name and stuff, and I’m already scrambling around here.

Babble ends. Song begins.

Whale – Hobo Humpin’ Slobo Babe

It was this or Cherry Pie, decide for yourself which would have been better. Tomorrow I’ll try and be earlier.