33.4 – Welcome to the Lo-Fi Ghetto

Go team.

Today I’m somewhat more organised. Only somewhat though, full organisation is like a myth to me, along with unicorns, Brigadoon, and good Kassidy records.


Since it’s Sunday I’m going to focus more on a band than a song today. I don’t know what ot being Sunday has to do with that, but I am quite clearly making this shit up as I go along, so whatever.

Urasei Yatsura formed in Glasgow in 1993 and consisted of Graham Kemp, Fergus Lawrie, Elaine Graham and Elaine ‘s brother Ian Graham.
In 1994 they contributed a live recording of the song Guitars are Boring to a compilation released by the Kazoo Club (which was based in the 13th Note). This recording, along with their fanzine Kitten Frenzy brought the band to the attention of John Peel and a session followed. The band then recorded a six track maxi single All Hail Urusei Yatsura. With the proceeds of the Peel session the band released a split single on their own Modern Independent Records label, Pampered Adolescent.
They were later lured to London’s Che Records where they released more records, but the band split after releasing their fourth album.
Fergus, Elaine and Ian moved on to form Projekt A-Ko, whose first and probably only album wasn’t a huge departure from Yatsura, and was so pretty enjoyable.

Urusei Yatsura were one of the first “wee” Glasgow bands I remember getting into back in the olden days. I’d trot into Glasgow when I could, often telling concerned parents that I was just going to a pal’s house, and hope I looked old enough on that particular day to get into wherever Yatsura were playing. Whenever they had a new record out that’s what my Safeway earnings would go on that week.

In fact, I’ve talked about this before, waaay back in 2010 when I posted a couple of Peel Sessions for Keeping It Peel. Copy/Paste alert!

If you hate Aye Tunes (and if you do why are you bothering to read it?) then you can put partial blame for it existing at the feet of Urusei Yatsura. You see, Yatsura were one of the earliest bands to make me interested in the Scottish music scene. Several nights were spent trying to get into venues around Glasgow while still underage to get to see them. Along with the more obvious names like Arab Strap, The Delgados and Mogwai, Urusei Yatsura instilled a passion for local bands that indirectly led me to being here now, writing this.

In addition to blaming them for Aye Tunes being a thing they should probably take at least a share of the blame for shouty vocals, screeching guitars and layers of fuzz and distortion being like catnip for Jim too.

The good Mr. Peenko likes them too, we bonded talking about them over pints the first few times we met,  so this post goes out to him, since had I not gotten to know him the last few years would have been different, and probably a lot duller. Bromance bitches.

Shall I shut up and get to the songs then?

Urusei Yatsura – Guitars Are Boring
Urusei Yatsura РTeenage Dream (from All Hail Urusei Yatsura)
Urusei Yatsura – Siamese (7″ Version)
Urusei Yatsura – Kewpies Like Watermelon (Mark & Lard Session)
Urusei Yatsura – Strategic Hamlets (from We Are Urusei Yatsura)


  1. Jim Connick says:

    I like you too.

  2. Cruzado says:

    I LOVE YATSURA. Great post!

  3. If that’s not a Katy Perry cover, I don’t want to know.

  4. Jim Connick says:

    Teenage Dream here predates Perry by a good 15 years or so, so no.

  5. Richie Brown says:

    Teenage Dream Proved Fucked and Wrong…could be Perry you know.

    Great post this, I too was a Yatsura acolyte and saw them a good seven times around the time of their first album.

    What’s Graham up to these days?