33 – A Month Long Exercise In Annoying You

Have you seen this cake? Please contact your local police.

In 33 days I turn 33. Do a birthday gig again? Goodness no, the one last year almost gave me a nervous breakdown, and cost me most of my birthday money. Yet another Aye Tunes gig in July though. Shh, I never said that.
To “celebrate” I’m going to try and tackle my status as Scotland’s Laziest Music Blogger, and annoy you with rambling, by doing a post every day.

That’s right, every single day for the next 33 days – unless it goes horribly off the rails – you’ll have a chance to look in and think “wow, after 4 years of this he still can’t write about music?”. No great theme here, no songs that changed my life, because that would be lies.

It’ll just be songs I like, bands I like, that sort of thing. Lots of stuff I love but wouldn’t normally be able to fit on the blog without a crowbar. Sort of like This Is My Jam, but with more words, and pictures of Transformers. It’ll probably be terrible. Expect Britpop.

33.1 coming later tonight, when my computer stops acting like a petulant child and does what I tell it. Try to feign interest.


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  2. Jim Connick says:

    Aye, we’ll see if you are still yaying in a week or so when it turns out that Britpop warning wasn’t an idle threat.