33 Extra – Audience Participation


We’re roughly at the halfway point of 33 now. Annoyingly it is a number that doesn’t half easily, hence roughly. To celebrate the beer picture is back. Have a drink. I’m not supplying the beer though, you have to bring your own.

Anyway, since you’ve put up with me this far – assuming there are any of you left – I thought I’d turn things over to you a bit. So, what do you think of the songs so far, anything in particular float you boat, or have you looked in and ran off screaming straight away? What would you have picked if you, like me, were spending over a month being a self indulgent arsehole? There’s still a lot of days to go till this finally ends, anything you want to see, or any predictions for what else I’ll pick?

Leave a comment below, tweet @ayetunesblog, leave a comment on Facebook, drop me an email, send a carrier pigeon, express yourself with watercolours, or ignore me completely, whatever suits you. Actually, if you draw me a picture I’ll forever think you are quite awesome, so there’s some incentive for you.

I’ll post some readers’ comments next weekend (so if you don’t want included in that tell me) for fun. If we get a few folk kicking in with predictions then I’ll maybe have a prize for whoever gets the most right. We’ll see.