A Quick Interruption.


Gather round everyone, I’ve just been told something brilliant.

Remember that time in 1999 that Sebadoh were on Top of the Pops? Unless you happened to see it at the time you almost certainly don’t. You might even think I’ve made it up and it never happened. Up until just now there has been no proof, other than eye witness accounts. But now, now someone has uploaded the show to YouTube.

I have literally waited years for this moment. I never thought it would actually happen, but it has.
It was loud, if was chaotic, it was glorious, and now it’s online for everyone to see.
Skip to 7 minutes 36 seconds if you want to avoid Terrorvision and The All Seeing I.

Thanks go to Sweeping the Nation for the tip off that this is online, they’ve been as eager to see it all these years as I have.