A Quick Word About Football


Alright, computer deciding to misbehave this weekend, so a few of the posts lined up need to stay as drafts till it decides to work nice again.

The post title is a bit misleading, I don’t really intend to say a thing about a certain game that kicks off in a few hours, I just wanted an excuse to post a track. The first line of the song gives me my excuse to do it today.

Julia & The Doogans – Glasgow

I’ll get back to Julia and the Doogans more another time, but for now I’ll just say that Julia has one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve heard in ages.
They’ve got a few gigs lined up in October, get down to one if you can. I caught them live a few weeks ago in Pivo Pivo in Glasgow and they were really ace.


While you are at it, try and grab a copy of their self titled EP, it’s available from eMusic and presumably other places too.


  1. JC says:

    Its probably just me….and I really hate leaving negative comments….but this was ruined by a chorus that made me cringe….

    Sorry amigo.

  2. Jim says:

    Fair doos, each to their own and all that!