Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Eighteen – Cancel The Astronauts


Time for our second Christmas song of the day.

All being well as this is posted I’ll be getting myself ready to head off to that scary Edinburgh place to see this band playing at Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles gig. In a few hours I’ll probably be really quite drunk and attempt to hug at least one member of each band. Apologies in advance then folks.
We had this song last year, but I like it and I like Cancel The Astronauts, so here it is again.

Also, I caught up with the band a few weeks ago when they recorded a session for Pop Goes The Revolution and am happy to report that the fame of having Funny For a Girl used as the theme tune for woodenly acted drama series Being Victor hasn’t changed them, and Matthew’s Christian Slater anecdote is still a winner.
You can hear that session in full, along with ones from Endor, White Heath and Tango In the Attic here and download a few tracks here.
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