Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Eighteen – Dirty Keys

Only a week to go till Christmas! Hope everyone is still enjoying the tunes and has bought all their presents and stuff. No, no, don’t tell me what you got for me, make it a surprise.
It is Saturday and I’ve just about got myself organised in advance again, so two posts today, this one then another at lunchtime.
Our first Christmas offering of the day comes from Dirty Keys. As far as I can remember I was introduced to this band with a line something like “are you ready for some piano led pop/rock?” a question to which my Ben Folds album replied “we most certainly are”. Since reviews pretty much fell by the wayside in recent months this is the first time I’ve managed to squeeze them in on the blog. What can I say? I’m generally a bit rubbish.
As a wee bonus you can also here a demo version of the song and download that too, thanks to Kowalskiy and his monthly free EPs.
Dirty Keys play at The Captain’s Rest on Monday, December 20th.
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