Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Five – Campfires In Winter


Day five of the Christmas songs, and I’m digging up another repeat from last year.

I was sent this by Campfires In Winter last year and almost burst something laughing. It wasn’t up for long and I’ve had a couple of emails over the last year asking about it, so I’m happy to represent Campfires In Winter’s Christmas Song this year.
I’ll quote repeat Boab from CiW’s description of the song and, down below, the disclaimer I promised to post along with it – “it’s about 2 guys getting pished, one of them decides to burn down the tree and pretends to be a bear and asks the other one to join him. It’s a lot of shite.”

Campfires in Winter – Christmas Song

It doesn’t represent the music Campfires in Winter make in the slightest though, it was something they put together as a pisstake, for a laugh. It does that job nicely and Christmas is all about having fun. To hear what Campfires In Winter normally sound like hop over to their Bandcamp page and download this year’s Cardboard Ships EP.

There’s another bonus Christmas song at lunchtime, so come back later.
Campfires In Winter: MySpaceBandcamp


  1. Sylvia says:

    I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting it Jim xxx