Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Four – How To Swim


Since today’s Christmas choice was a repeat and since it is the weekend, here’s a bonus song.

That’s right, I’m feeling generous, so today and tomorrow you get to open an extra door on the musical advent calendar.
This song was one of the reccomendations I got when I asked for Christmas songs the other week. I’d just about given up on finding it too, when How To Swim handily made it available again.
So, thanks to them, you can listen to How To Swim’s Christmas song from a few years ago – Sleighbells (Christmas Makes me Blue) – and download it for free below. It is pretty Spector-esque, and a barrel of fun.
You can listen to and buy loads more of How To Swim’s stuff over at their Bandcamp page. Their debut album Retina (or More Fun Than a Vat of Love) came out a couple of months back and is quite splendid.

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