Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Nine – We See Lights


Today’s song is another downbeat one. Anyone would think I secretly hate Christmas and am out to make it miserable for all while torturing myself by posting something daily. I’m not, it just happens that there’s a wee run of more mellow songs. There’ll be more happy, bouncy and downright weird songs before advent is over.

We See Lights provide today’s song. They are a multi member musical collective, based in Edinburgh who have been kicking around for a while and released their debut album, Ghosts & Monsters, earlier this year. As has become a trend in the second half of this year the album never quite made it from my “to be reviewed” pile to my “actually reviewed” one because I’m, y’know, rubbish. The album is good though, you can find it in the usual download shops (like Amazon and iTunes as well as streaming it on Spotify and Bandcamp.
I actually know very little about this song, I ripped it from a session We See Lights did for Vic Galloway back in 2008. Digging around suggests it was released under the name We See Christmas Lights but beyond that MySpace page I can’t find any more details. If anyone knows where I can get my hands on Cold Noses and the other songs recorded let me know!
The song is, as mentioned, quite a downbeat one but also quite a lovely one.
The only other thing I could find on the song was a video of it being performed live at one of The Mill gigs, so you can have that too.
We See Lights: MySpaceFacebookBandcamp