Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Ten – Now Wakes the Sea


Hey, guess what? That’s right, today’s song isn’t an upbeat romp either!

I probably should have planned this better, but I’ve already burned through my pre-written posts and am now in the “making this up as I go along” phase.
Anyway, today’s Christmas song comes from Now Wakes the Sea who offers up a cover of a classic in the shape of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).
As I’m the kind of person who gives such matters too much though I’ve decided there are two ways you can go with covering this song. You can either really go for it and belt it out, which works best if you are a female singer – dig up Slow Club’s version for an idea, although Rebecca always sounds a bit too tentative on their version for my liking – or slow it down and make it moody. Last year I posted a version by Arab Strap which did the latter to great effect. If you don’t go down one of those two roads you are doing it wrong.
Now Wakes the Sea takes a similar approach. In their (well, his, we at Aye Tunes get confused about these things) own words “There aren’t any saxophones and exploding drums, but subdued horns and drum machine instead, mixed with mellotron flutes and distorted bass”, the results are pretty swell. You can stream the song below and it is available to download on a name your price basis at Bandcamp. I won’t spoil the surprise but if you download you’ll get a little something extra too.
Now Wakes The Sea has an EP set for release through Wiseblood Industries at the start of next year, keep an eye out for it. In the meantime there’s a few more songs available on Bandcamp.
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