Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Thirteen – Lovers Turn To Monsters


Sometimes good things happen when I’m half joking.

The other week Kyle from Lovers Turns To Monsters mentioned he was recording a Christmassy EP and asked for suggestions for something to cover. I suggested East 17’s Stay Another Day, partly because I’d heard it several times at work that day, partly expecting to be told to shove it, but mostly seriously because I thought it could actually work well.
Much to my surprise I wasn’t told where I could put my suggestion. I was right, it does work well.
Stay Another Day is below to listen to and download, but please go and get the whole Attack of the Deranged Killer Mutant Snow Goons from Bandcamp here. It has a Calvin & Hobbes title and is a free download, two more fine reasons to check it out.

Lovers Turn To Monsters: MySpaceBandcamp

Kyle of Lovers Turns To Monsters also plays in Boygirlanimalcolour. I’ve mentioned they have a gig with me coming up in January, yes?