Advent Calendar 2010 – Day Twenty Four – Christmas Wrapping


Here we are, 24 days later on Christmas Eve.

You’ve had a bit more than 24 songs to listen to and hopefully through December you’ve found something here to tickle your fancy. If not, well bah humbug to you.
Got all your shopping done? For those that haven’t here’s something fitting. For those that have, here’s one of my favourite Christmas songs.
Christmas Wrapping was released first by The Waitresses in 1981. Since then there’s been many cover versions, some ok, some good, and one by the Spice Girls.
Version one comes from The Upbeat Beatdown.
Version two comes from the ever wonderful Miss The Occupier, who recorded it for a Vic Galloway session.

Miss The Occupier – Christmas Wrapping

And finally, with somewhat dodgy sound, here’s Aye Tunes favourites French Wives performing the song live at the Oran Mor.
Happy Christmas!