Advent Calendar – Day Twenty: Olympic Swimmers


Sneaking this in as a wee bonus advent calendar “door”, mostly since I want an excuse to post it, but didn’t want to just have a post saying “Look, a video!”.

So. Look! A video!


Where It Snows isn’t a Christmas song at all, but it has snow in the title, which makes it wintery at least. Yeah, I’m really reaching on this one, aren’t I?

Anyway, When It Snows is an ace wee song, and Olympic Swimmers are a pretty ace band, so in it goes, against the face of all logic and arguments. When It Snows will be on Olympic Swimmers’ debut album, which is due out some time in 2012. If the rest of the album is this fine it’ll be a swell record indeed.

Olympic Swimmers: Website – FacebookBandcamp