Advent Calendar – Day Twenty Two: Kevin P. Gilday


Although I’ve not actually looked back to check, I think most of the Christmas songs this year have been of a fairly cheery variety. Let’s end that run then.

Two tracks today from Kevin P. Gilday, who did a wee opening spot at the last Aye Tunes gig a few months ago. Kev has an album out on Christmas Day, featuring contributions from Kevin Frew, Tim Courtney), David Flood, Emily MacLaren, James Campbell, Jennifer Campbell and Rebecca Kilgour, but I’ll get back to the album properly later.

First off, a poem, My Crappy Christmas.
My Crappy Christmas by Kevin P. Gilday

Secondly, a wee preview from the album, Graphite, in the form of Crooked Christmas.
Crooked Xmas Reprise by Kevin P. Gilday

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