Advent Calendar, Door Fourteen – Andrew Pearson


Ooh, there’s only ten more of these to go after today. There’s two things that arise from this: 1. if you’ve got a Christmas song you want included here you better get it to me quick and 2. have you bought me my Christmas present yet?

Speaking of presents, I should really get my own shopping done. Expect a murderous rant on Twitter tomorrow as I venture into the shops of Glasgow trying to find something to buy my girlfriend.

Back to the calendar though, today we’ve got Andrew Pearson with a delightfully titled Christmas ditty. I’m not sure this is available anywhere else yet, but in case I’m wrong I won’t plaster BLOG EXCLUSIVE all over the post. Blog exclusives annoy me anyway, but that’s a moan for another day.

Andrew Pearson –┬áJingo Balls (Whore Whore Whore)