Advent Calender, Door Two – Miss The Occupier


For the second day of the advent calender we’re going with another of my favourite ever festive songs, and also one of my main current irritations.

For those not keeping up with my private life, that’ll be most of you then, I’m back working now after a far too long spell on the dole. This is good, in that I am a) not on the bloody dole and b) get better money. The downside is that I’m in retail in December, which means Christmas songs on a loop in my workplace, all bloody day. This brings up my general genocide in waiting song of fucking Paul fucking Mc fucking Cartney’s Wonderful Christmastime. The rest of our Christmas CD seems to involve really ruibbish knock off versions of popular songs. Most of these I can safely block out in my brain, but every time one starts I think “I love this song!” then a piss poor version follows, crushing all my hopes and dreams.

The song in question? That’ll be Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. One of only two songs anyone remembers that band for, it’s one that would be a huge hit with hipsters nowadays I feel. The somewhat bored delivery, the cute girl, the lo-fi guitars… Anyway, Christmas Wrapping is a bloody great song, which is why I get so annoyed the version I hear 16 times a day is a terrible one.

A much better version makes up today’s entry behind the imaginary Aye Tunes advent calendar though. Miss the Occupier have been fairly quiet of late, but that’s no reason not to enjoy their take on Christmas Wrapping, recorded ages ago for a Vic Galloway session.

Miss the Occupier – Christmas Wrapping