Album Review: Mammoeth – Nascent


Mammoeth, once known as Team Turnip, is mostly multi-instrumentalist Russell Kostulin. Given that I can barely get a “ting” out of a triangle I’m always filled with a mixture of awe and disgust at people like Russell who can seemingly turn their hand to anything, but I’ll try to keep my bitterness in check.

I’d mentioned Nascent a wee while ago when I talked about opening track Lapdog in a Round Up Review and promised a full review nearer time of release. Since the album comes out on Monday and there’s a couple of launch gigs at the weekend it is time I got round to keeping that promise.
On the surface Nascent is an album of mostly upbeat summery pop music, with a few more gentle songs mixed in, and if listened to just on that basis it would do its job very well indeed. There’s a bright and breezy feel to much of the album, at times echoing Super Furry Animals at their poppiest and upbeat. There’s even handclaps and whistling!
Pay a bit more attention to the lyrics on the album and it becomes clear that the sweet melodies and jaunty tunes are masking a darker side. Tales of war, car crashes and stalkers unfold, frequently over songs that should be far too happy sounding for the less than cheery subject matter. There’s a certain playfulness and wit to the lyrics that means that even thought the music and subject matter at had should be at odds both mesh together very nicely.
Disengage your brain and Nascent is a lovely little summer pop album, pay a bit more attention and you’ll find that, as fun as summer pop is, there’s a lot more going on. Either way it is a debut album well worth a listen.

Mammoeth: Website

Nascent is released on July 26th and can be ordered on Bandcamp.
There’s two album launch gigs this weekend, First on Saturday at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh, then on Sunday at The Classic Grand in Glasgow. Support on both nights comes from
Randolph’s Leap, with Georgina Seddon and Sunset Song also on the bill for Sunday.