Album Review: RM Hubbert – First & Last


On the face of it an instrumental, flamenco tinged album by one man and his acoustic guitar, influenced by such cheery events as being diagnosed with chronic depression and the death of both parents doesn’t really sound like the most appealing thing in the World. When the album is the first solo release by RM Hubbert, formerly of El Hombre Trajeado, big favourites of mine in the past, I’ve got more than enough goodwill to give it a chance.

The album has been around for a few months now, and has lived in my computer for a fair while too, where it has racked up a lot of plays, and keeps picking up more. It’s an album I keep coming back to over again, unlike a lot of the music that comes my way.

Technically Hubbert is an incredibly good guitarist, but there’s nothing showy or self indulgent about the music on the album. Instead the emotion of the songs shines through, whether it be happy or sad. It’s wonderfully excecuted, brilliantly crafted and packed with soul and feeling.

Don’t let the opening paragraph put you off or scare you away, First & Last is a gorgeous album, and well worth giving a try.

RM Hubbert: Website

First & Last is available now from Bandcamp. Both the download and regular CD versions are available on a name your price basis. You can stream the whole album there so there’s no excuse not to have a wee listen at least.
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