Another Plug – Supermarionation


It has been a bit of a hectic week, so I’ve forgotten to mention half the things I’d meant to. Sneaking this one in just under the wire then, as it takes place tomorrow.

Edinburgh noise mongers Supermarionation have a new EP to launch, and they are doing so with a gig on Saturday. I say noisemongers, but the new EP is actually an acoustic one, so it isn’t that noisy. It is good though, so I’ll forgive them being quiet.

Hastily assembled to replace what they had planned to release, Amongst the Northern Lochs doesn’t sound like it was thrown together. Had I not known that it was put together at short notice I wouldn’t have even noticed. The EP will be available to download for free from here.

A limited number of CDs will be available at the launch gig on October 1st. The gig takes place at The Wee Red Bar.Supermarionation will be playing two sets, one acoustic, one with electricity and stuff. Support comes from Lee Patterson and Andrew Mill. Kicking off at 7pm the gig, like the download, is free, so if you are around you can go along at no cost, woo!