Aye Tunes Joins The Revolution


Pop Goes The Revolution that is.

Yesterday I was invited along to take part in what was dubbed The Blogger Battle for Pop Goes The Revolution, along with our pals from Song, by Toad, Peenko, Halina from Glasgow Podcart and The Pop Cop. We picked four songs each, and chattered a bit about them and why we picked them.
You can listen to the results here, so if you’ve ever wondered just how ineloquent I am, now you can find out.
My song choices were:
Loch Awe – The Ocean In Me
Kid Canaveral – Couldn’t Dance
Mondegreen – Yesterday-Minded
The Last Battle – Nature’s Glorious Rage
In other news, I’m still looking for some guest posters to help me get caught up with a few things, and the regular Sunday gig guide will probably be late this week as I’m off to help a pal move house this weekend.