Aye Tunes Presents…


Hello again! I’m still snowed in, so you are getting a variety of unplanned blog posts this afternoon.

This is one I’ve been desperate to make for a few weeks, but tinkering with a few details held it off a bit.
After the fun of putting on the AvsP trilogy with Peenko I’ve gotten a bit of a taste for putting on gigs. The Aye Tunes Vs Peenko gigs are on hiatus for now, so… I’m doing the next one, at least, by myself.
Some kind of weird OCD type affliction made me decide that for the first Aye Tunes Presents gig I wanted a theme. After a bit of humming and hawing I picked one – animals! This worked out well for me, since there are TONS of bands named after or related to animals around that I like.
It is with great pleasure then that I can now announce the line-up, especially since details have already popped up on Stereo’s website, and in an interview on of all places Peenko Blog.
Joining me for an evening of animal themed fun and frolics are Boygirlanimalcolour, Kochka and Trapped Mice.
The gig takes place on the 21st of January next year in Stereo in Glasgow, so you have plenty of time to save up some pennies to come along.
If you are into that kind of thing here’s a Facebook event page for the gig.
Please come x


  1. Are the bands aware of your record of assaulting furry and feathered creatures?