Aye Tunes Vs Peenko – The Final Plug


There’s only one day to go before the gig, so you’ll be relieved to hear this is the last plug before it happens.

The main reason for the plug is to warn anyone that’s planning to come along that there aren’t that many tickets left. We aren’t sold out yet, but it isn’t far off. If you don’t have a ticket yet it might be an idea to give me or Peenko a shout to get us to keep one aside for you.
All the other details are the same as they have been in all the other posts about the gig.
Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Friday April 30th.
Campfires in Winter, Mitchell Museum and Kid Canaveral

First band will be on not long after 8pm if all goes to plan.

Come along!

This is the last ticket from my share, if you want it, let me know!


  1. peenko says:

    ooooo a pretty new logo, bout time!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Last ticket? Nicely done! Y’know it’s a rule that whoever has the most tickets left has to buy drinks. I’m just sayin… wish I was there. x