Back Soon!


I’m very aware that the blog has undergone a lengthy spell of inactivity, for which I’ve got no excuse.

Rest assured I’m still alive and there will be new posts soon.



  1. JaneInMA says:

    Hey thought of you the other day when someone posted a link to teh new Primary 5 album. It takes a real scot to realize just WHO Paul Quinn is. It was on a horribly unreliable russian site but it could appear on sendspace if a little email flies a certain way. janeinma(atto be replaced with@)

  2. Ctelblog says:

    Soon means…?

  3. b says:

    jim!! can’t wait to see you back up and running! enjoy your blogger’s vacation :]

  4. SinlessLinks says:

    I want more posts :-P. I’ve run out of things to read!