Normally when there’s another gig on the same night I’m promoting one the blog turns a bit of a blind eye to it. No sense in gibing the competition free promotion after all, is there?
Sometimes we make an exception though, like for next Friday’s first BARmellodie gig.
Not content with putting out some of our favourite singles and albums of recent years from the likes of Cuddly Shark, Super Adventure Club, Thirty Pounds of Bone and The Scottish Enlightenment, Armellodie Records are taking over Bar Bloc on the third Friday of every month for a six month resident.
The gigs will showcase bands from the Armellodie roster along with other special guests. They’ve also roped in some local blogger types to play some records alongside the ArmelloDJs till the small hours.
The first BARmellodie gig takes place on Friday 21st of January. Entry is free before Midnight, £2 after. The bands don’t start until around 11pm, while my Aye Tunes Presents gig at Stereo will be kicking out at around 10:30pm, so why not go to both and make both myself and the Armellodie crew very happy people?
Playing at the first gig are:
Guest DJ: Phil Elba (Elba Sessions)
BARmellodie #2 follows on February 18th, with The Scottish Enlightenment, Thirty Pounds of Bone and Randolph’s Leap playing live, and Halina of Glasgow Podcart on DJ duties.
For more info on Armellodie and to buy the records they release visit the website.