Be My Guest (Poster)


So, the phrase “I don’t have time” is starting to sneak back into my vocabulary more than I’d like. I’m likely to have a lot more time to mess about and do blog stuff soon, but for the next week or two I might struggle to get a lot of new posts up, especially since the review pile is already starting to grow and is a priority to get on top of, leaving other things to fall behind.

This means I’m looking for a wee bit of help in the form of you, dear reader. There’s no money in it, nor any glory. No, wait, come back…
Anyway, short version, I’m looking for a few guest posts to run on the site. Rather than me not have time to finish anything and go a week with little but the gig guide appearing I’d like to be able to plug in a guest post rather than no new content.
I’m not really looking for anything in particular. Pick five of your favourite songs at the moment and tell the World (well, the tiny portion of it that reads Aye Tunes) why these songs are awesome. If you are a band it could be a wee piece about yourself, without waiting for me to get round to asking you questions. It could be something about a band you, band members or the general public, like.
Been to a good gig recently? I’ll publish your review if you like.
It could even be something about a band you hate, so long as it in constructive and doesn’t get me sued or battered.
The people that pop up occasionally to tell me how much the blog sucks, my music taste is awful, or how I’m just generally a terrible person are welcome to write a piece saying these things again, if they can explain them. Be warned though, it won’t be published anonymously.
One thing I’m not really after though is record reviews, I’ve got quite a few of them to deal with on my own.
Now, you may be wondering why writing a guest blog for me would be any good for you, considering I’ve already mentioned there’s no money or anything in it. The answer is, basically, it probably won’t be. If you are are a blogger you’d be as well running the article on your own site. No benefit to anyone but me then, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?
Anything I’m sent will be run, of course, with full credit to whoever wrote it (this means no anonymous hatchet jobs please), including links back to you and so on if you have your own site.
Oh, and if you are in Glasgow I promise I’ll get you a couple of drinks at some point.
Anyone interested send me a wee email at telling me who you are (assuming we don’t know each other already) and what you want to do, or with something already written, and I’ll get back to you super quick, I promise.


  1. Gary Kurt McConnell says:

    I might just take you up on this.

  2. Francopopfille says:

    I might, too. I have a shitload of record reviews lying to be finished and bloggered. You don’t want that though. Hmm. I’m good at French-language stuff, or folk. If I write about indieish stuff I do tend to sound like a wankier NME. Take your pick..

  3. b says:

    awww who comes around to tell you that you suck? they suck!