Best of 2009: Beerjacket – Animosity


It seems somewhat fitting to me that the first album I reviewed over here ends up being my favourite album of the year. Even if I did and still do hate the review I wrote.

As I mentioned in the Top 10 post, Animosity took the top spot for more than just musical reasons. The release of Animosity was another thing that coincided with my birthday this year, and was an album that helped me get my act together round here and attempt to do more writing.
The Beerjacket gig I went to back at the start of August is pretty significant too, it was the first of my “at least one gig every week” quest, which I’ve kept up until now. I’m having a break this week, incidentally. Basically, if you don’t like my writing, blame Beerjacket!

Even without the personal stuff the musical reasons for Animosity topping my list are pretty compelling on their own.
Over the course of the year Animosity is probably the album I’ve come back and listened to in it’s entirety the most. It’s hard just pick one song from it that stands out – Drum maybe peeks it’s head above the others as a favourite – as the entire album is consistently solid.

Deceptively simple, with for the most part just one man and his guitar, Beerjacket songs are beautifully crafted and performed, with lyrics that are never trite or forced. From that point of view it’s a little disappointing that a lot of the exposure Peter got this year came from his Dancing in the Dark cover. On the other hand, here’s hoping that hearing that will have sent people to check out original Beerjacket songs.

Now to address the elephant in the room from that old review of mine: Elliott Smith. I got a bit stuck on that last time round, so this time I’ll just say that Beerjacket songs remind me quite a lot of sitting and listening to my old Elliott Smith albums. To me that’s great, Smith is one of my favourite songwriters. Beerjacket does have a stronger voice though.

Now, why not head on over to Peenko’s Blog where you’ll find a Beerjacket interview and as a Christmas bonus, all the demos for Animosity available for download?

Beerjacket - Animosity