Beyond Scotland – On Volcano


I get as many emails about bands from outside Scotland as I do ones hailing from our wee country, which more often than not tend to get ignored as far as the blog goes. Some fairly, some a bit harshly.
Without losing focus on what I’m here for – Aye Tunes does sort of have a point, and that is dealing with bands in or from Scotland – one of the things I’d like to do this year is pay a bit more attention to some of the bands that get in touch with me, even if just quickly.

First up is On Volcano. The email they sent me was pretty much the exact opposite of the best way to get my attention, since it simply told me that On Volcano are from Tampere, Finland and gave a one line summing up of their sound. Short and to the point, I’ll give them that.
They describe themselves as “embracing modern indie-pop with shoegaze and post-rock”, which regardless of country of origin appeals to my tastes enough that they were worth a quick listen. What do you know, their new EP is actually pretty swell. That short, one line description does a pretty good job of summing up how it sounds too.
I say new, but New Blood came out way back in November of last year, but I’m only just hearing it now (which may get me kicked, since it was featured by our pals at Ride The Tempo, but I missed it…) and is available as a free download from the On Volcano website. Hop on over there to get it, or listen & download below.
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