Birthday Guests: Black International


Nope, still not shutting up about the Aye Tunes birthday gig next week.

Time to tell you a wee bit about the bands involved, I think. First up, Black International. I could yammer on about how much I enjoyed the times I’ve caught them live, or how good debut album In Debt is, but since I invited them to play the birthday gig it should be pretty obvious I like the band, so I’ll spare you the hard sell, but buy an album here.
I already interviewed the band last November, so you can read that here. Stewart from the band also gave us a track by track rundown on In Debt here. Instead of retreading what is in those two pieces, I’m shamelessly lifting some facts about the band as posted on their Twitter account. Well, they did say they were cut out and keep, which I’m choosing to reinterpret as copy/paste and steal.
Without further ado then, some Black Facts about Stewart, Gavin and Craig:
  • Stewart once woke up on a golf course at 6am wearing a cricket jersey that didn’t belong to him.
  • Craig used to own a replica Lion-O sword (from Thundercats) but it was destroyed in a fire.
  • Gavin once went into a Japanese restaurant to ask if they had any free sushi. Tight bastard.
  • Stewart own a complete set of Postcard records.
  • Bassist Gavin has 4 or 5 tattoos.
  • Drummer Craig can’t grow a handlebar moustache to save himself.
  • As a youngster, Stewart knew a kid who could vomit on command.
  • Bassist Gavin is from the isle of Barra, where they don’t even have a cinema!
  • Drummer Craig once had a letter published in the Nintendo fan club magazine. They misspelt his surname as Beebles.
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