But It’s Only November!


This post comes with an apology. I know it is barely the middle of November, I know talking about Christmas now is evil and wrong. But…

Every year that I’ve been writing a blog (this is the third year on here, plus four years before that elsewhere) I’ve gone Christmas song crazy come December. At least one song a day every day from the 1st to the 24th, like a musical advent calendar. I’ll be doing it again this year. This year there might also be a little something extra too. That’s secret for now, but I’m rubbish with secrets, so if you ask about it I’ll likely tell you.

I like to keep repeats to a minimum, but that all depends on me having new songs to include, which is the purpose of this post, as I start to beg for material. The sooner I get things, the more organised I can be, and the less I use something from the last few years again.

So, are you a band or artist and fancy donating something? Something I can post as a free downloads is best. but I can set things to stream instead of download if it is something you want to sell instead of giving away.
Bandcamp and Soundcloud embeds are fine too if you want to keep the song under your control, but want it included here too.
If you have something up your sleeve you don’t mind sharing send a wee email to jim@ayetunes.org.uk and I’ll be delighted to include you, but the earlier you get to me the better.
Covers, originals, I’m not fussy in the slightest. Neither does it have to be your most professional recording, demos, home recordings and decent sounding live tracks are great. Err, just songs though, no links to YouTube of you doing Slade at karaoke, please. I said that last year and still got two emails containing videos of the band drunk and singing something, this year if anyone does it I’ll name and shame you.

Also, readers, suggestions are welcome too, just stick a comment on the post and I’ll see what I can do.