Buy Expensive Plastic, You Capitalist Pigs! (Or: Record Store Day 2012)


Hey, look, I’m alive! Surprised? I am.

Record Store Day is coming up this Saturday, so I figured I should make some attempt at doing something here, even though I am Scotland’s laziest music blogger. Me and RSD don’t really get on that much, in part because I don’t buy much vinyl, and in part because I call shops shops, not stores. For a more enthusiastic bit about record shops hop over to our pals at Echoes and Dust.
One good thing about Record Store Day is that you can always catch some bands playing for free though. Yes, I’m missing the point, no, I don’t really care.

In Edinburgh there’s in store activity at Avalanche Records, and VoxBox Music.

Avalanche have:
Withered Hand (2pm)
Gordon McIntyre (Ballboy) (3pm)
Ryan Hannigan (Star Wheel Press) masterclass on how to make album covers
Afterwards the shop is teaming up with The Tidal Wave of Indifference for a gig at The Electric Circus from 7pm, with Star Wheel Press, The Last Battle and Emily Scott.

Over at VoxBox, the line-up is:
PAWS (3pm)
Neil Pennycook (Meursault) (4pm)

Through in Glasgow everyone is getting in on the act.

Insularis Records are bringing their pop up shop to Nice & Sleazy from 12pm, with the following live acts promised:
Call To Mind (2pm)
Any Color Black (3pm)
Withered Hand (5pm)
They’ll also be having a raffle for some rarities, including one of the last remaining FOUND chocolate 7″ singles, and hint that there’ll be some surprises too.
Following their takeover upstairs, Insularis are also hosting a gig downstairs at Sleazy’s, with Holy Mountain, What the Blood Revealed, and Adam Stafford, which frankly sounds brilliant.
Here’s some Holy Mountain.

Love Music have:

Dolalay (1.30pm)
Cathode Ray (2pm)
White Heath (2.30pm)
French Wives (3pm)
Woodenbox (4pm)
The Murderburgers (4.30pm)
Admiral Fallow (5pm)

Down at Monorail you can catch this lot:

Organs Of Love (4pm)
Gerard Love DJ set (4.30pm)
Human Don’t Be Angry (5.30pm)
Stuart Braithwaite DJ set (6pm)
Snowgoose (7pm)
The Brogues DJ set (7.30pm),
Linden, Edwyn Collins & Dead Flamingos (8.30pm)

As always there’s a whole pile of Record Store Day exclusive product available on the day too. Get along to the shops early for those limited edition over priced records from the major labels kids! Or buy them from scalpers on eBay later.
I’ve dug through the full list to find some RSD exclusive from Scots (and Garbage), so I can carry on pretending to be a Scottish music blog for a little longer.

  • Admiral Fallow: Boots Met My Face LP
  • Belle & Sebastian: Crash 7″
  • Django Django: Storm 7″
  • Edwyn Collins: Tape Box 6×7″ box set
  • Emeli Sande: Heaven 12″
  • Garbage: Blood For Poppies/Battle In Me 7″
  • Human Don’t Be Angry: Human Don’t Be Angry LP
  • Mull Historical Society: Must You Get Low 7″
  • The Wicker Man OST: Willow’s Song/Gently Johnny 7″
  • Snowgoose: Harmony Springs LP
  • Twin Atlantic: Make a Beast of Myself 7″ picture disc
  • Various Artists (inc. Simple Minds): The Breakfast Club OST LP
  • Finally, and not on the list, Cath Records have a pair of releases, a tape from Bronto Skylift and Sean Armstrong cassette/DVD. No idea where they’ll be on sale right enough, but if you keep an eye on their Facebook I’m sure they’ll tell us.


  1. Richie Brown says:

    Don’t forget the Smugglers Way flexi-zine which has some words by Jamesie Yorkston in it too.

    That’s what I’m mainly after.