Catching Up


Alright then, got a bit of time back on my own computer for a week or so (oh hard drive full of music how I missed you, let’s never be parted again!), so I’ll attempt to get caught up on the backlog of stuff I’ve got to get through over the next few days.

Won’t get much done tomorrow (Thursday) though, I’m away to see The Darian Venture & Atlas Skye at The Mill. Give me a wave if you are going along.

Speaking of gigs, it was interesting to discover that copying Frightened Rabbit tour dates out of the Sunday Mail magazine pushed me to around 4 times my normal visitor numbers. I almost think no one cares about what I write :P

If you’ve sent me a press release or anything in the last few days, sorry I’ve not gotten to it yet, I’ll see what I can do, ideally before it’s too late.

This pile of records I want to listen to and attempt to review take priority though.