Christmas Songs – Day 11


It seems every time I schedule these for a few days in advance, something new turns up in my inbox. Like tonight, just after I’d set up posts to take us through the weekend, I got an email alerting to me something else.
That isn’t a complaint, it is huge fun getting new Christmas songs, it just means I’m often not sure what I have scheduled for when by the time I’m done!

Today’s last minute entry comes from Withered Hand, Dan Willson.

Go over to the Withered Hand Website to grab It’s A Wonderful Lie.

‘It’s A Wonderful Lie’ was recorded by Benni Hemm Hemm and features Rory from Broken Records and Chris from Meursault.

The Withered Hand album Good News is likely to feature on many people’s Top 10 albums of the year lists. It missed out on mine mainly because I didn’t get round to buying it until just recently. It is really good though.