Christmas Songs – Day 14


We make our final festive visit to Paul Vickers territory today, as we finally get back round to Dawn of the Replicants.
As I mentioned before, I was really into this band a while back, round about the time of their debut album One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs. Also, fun fact, I used to talk a bit with co-founder Roger Simian in, of all places, a 2000AD newsgroup, many years ago.
The band did four sessions for the late, great John Peel, and you can (and should) listen to all of them here.

As for today’s song… Well, this is a song which actually had the ability to make me violent. Years of working in retail, and therefore years of hearing it about a dozen times a day for all of November and December, will do that to you. Oddly enough, all other Christmas songs I’m fine with, even though I’ve similarly heard them a million times, it’s just this one that makes me want to punch people in the throat.
Fortunately, the Dawn of the Replicants version doesn’t make me want to punch folk, though it can’t quite redeem the song entirely.

Dawn of the Replicants – Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

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Remember, you can easily find all the previous Christmas songs by clicking on the cunningly named “Christmas” label at the bottom of the posts.
There’ll be a big list of all the songs once I’m finished too.