Christmas Songs – Day 15


There’s something about Christmas and Camera Obscura that seems to me like they are a perfect fit for each other.
Their recently released Christmas single, a cover of Jim Reeves’ The Blizzard does nothing to change my mind about that. Since that only came out last week I won’t be posting it, maybe next year.
Instead we are going back a few years for a Christmas classic recorded live round at John Peel’s house.

Camera Obscura – Little Donkey

Ahh, it’s like being back in Primary School, except much less tuneless.

Camera Obscura Website


  1. Kowalskiy says:

    Have you noticed on The Pop Cop that Avalanche Records have released a £5 charity Christmas CD with festive songs from The Pictish Trail, Meursault, Zoey Van Goey and a shitload more?

    Just ordered it… 15 days in and your posts have worn me down and made me enter into the Christmas spirit! Damn you.. Christmas spirit costs money!

  2. Jim says:

    Aye, I need to swing by Avalanche some time this week and snag myself a copy.