Christmas Songs – Day 16


Before I get into today’s song, just a reminder that the eagleowl single Sleep the Winter is out now, and is fantastic. Playing around with link things at the moment, if I’ve done it right there’s a link to buy it from iTunes somewhere below. The band will get more money if you get the download from their Bandcamp page though.
eagleowl - Sleep the Winter (single) - Sleep the Winter
I caught eagleowl on Monday in The 13th Note, it was very good. If I can think of more than “very good” to say about it I’ll attempt a wee review.

Onwards to our Christmas song then. Today comes from Belle & Sebastian. Picking a Christmas song for them isn’t easy, as there’s loads. It ended up being a lucky dip, and this is what came out.

Belle & Sebastian – Are You Coming Over For Christmas?

Belle and Sebastian Website